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The Kanji Prayer

The Kanji PrayerThe first character in REI is “RAIN”
The upper line divides heaven and earth; the four small lines are depicted as rain drops under a cloud. It's like the positiveness in our lives which is lacking at this time, the sun is hidden behind the cloud, and our challenges seem heavy and hard to deal with.

The second character “PRAYING”
The one square depicts a mouth one voice; two squares depict a voice speaking in conversation. The three squares depict praying. A voice praying for understanding and guidance.

The third character is “MAGIC”
The energy flows down from the sky to earth the two small characters depicts a conscious motion of dancing figures.

The Rain to which there would be little life on our planet, Praying, asking the divine to receive goodness for our highest good. The Magic, events that happen in our lives that logic cannot explain.

These three characters come together to express the meaning of REI

KI Personal Energy

The fourth character depicts a mist gently being absorbed by the earth.

The fifth character
Shows a long heavy line across the top and riding down the right side, this depicts the earth's crust to which we live our lives on. Inside the earth is the seed of life waiting for the rain to seep through, the magic of prayer, ready to receive the REI for personal growth.

This is:    Rei Ki    Universal Energy

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