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Reiki Classes - The Shoden Class: Reiki I

The Class:

The Class runs over two days with no more than 6 students per group, giving more individual time to each student. There will be another 1 day tuition following the 21 days cleansing period.

During this time, you are encouraged to give yourself a treatment every day and many students find themselves undergoing positive personal changes and spiritual growth which can be a very powerful and very rewarding time.

The Agenda:

  • Learn about Reiki energy
  • The History, including the story of Dr Usui, Dr Hayshi and Mrs Tataka
  • Learn how to Give and Receive a Reiki treatment
  • Receive the 5 principles of Reiki passed down from Dr Usui teachings
  • Each Student will receive 4 attunements over the first 2 days
  • A Certificate at the end of the Second Day
  • The Third class date will be set after a 21 days Cleansing period

The Fee:

Reiki 1 is 95.00 including refreshments and snacks.
All course materials and end of course certificate.
A deposit of 20.00 is required to book your place. This is non returnable if you decide not to attend, however in case of a genuine emergency the deposit can carry forward to the next available class only. Fees can also be paid in instalments.

The Attunements:

The Attunements are the very core of the Usui method of natural healing that makes this system unique from other systems of healing. The Reiki master transfers the healing technique, to the student during the process of the ceremony.

Once attuned, the energy lives and grows within you for the remainder of your life, you will never lose it.

Thereafter a weekly/monthly Reiki share meeting is available. This is open for all students who wish to attend; there is no charge for this. Its a opportunity to talk and share information & experiences of our journey with Reiki.

Preparation prior to the Class:

I would like to ask you to refrain from consuming alcohol and large intakes of coffee, soda, chocolate and tobacco for 24 hours prior to the class and drink lots of water; this will flush all the toxins from the body.

I also find it best to wear light and loose clothing and remove all unnecessary jewellery. It maybe an idea to bring a pair of shoes suitable for indoor use and an outdoor pair is also advisable as some students like to sit outside weather permitting.

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