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Reiki and Our Pets

Many of us love our pets and welcome them into our lives treating them as another member of the family. Like us humans they too suffer from emotional problems caused by accidental injury. They may have come to you from a traumatic situation and are suffering problems from abuse or neglect.

Sometimes the animal will come and sit with you or close by, other times if they are distressed or in pain they prefer to not be touched. But no matter how or where your pet receives it, Reiki can help to accelerate recovery and help manage any pain from accidental injury and illness surgery and helps to support treatments given by a qualified vet. Reiki does not replace the medical help that a qualified Vet can give i.e. drugs or surgery, but can very much help with the recovery process.

Reiki is a gentle yet powerful healing energy and in my experience Animals have responded well to the healing energies, because the energy is gentle it can not harm your pet. They can also suffer from terminal illness and Reiki can support both animal and owner through this very difficult time during the pets transition at the end of their natural life.

My personal stories regarding Reiki and my own pets enhance my knowledge that Reiki really does work:

Tabatha - Reiki and Our PetsTabatha is tortoiseshell cat a much loved member of our family. About 8 years ago now she left the house for her usual morning stroll around the block. We were all worried when she did not return that evening. The next day I went out looking for her, nobody had seen her for quite a while. The night was a fretful one, she still had not returned the following afternoon, when our oldest daughter was getting really upset, she suggested I send Reiki to tabbies, like I send to her during her day to help with her A.D.H.D. So I did. The treatment was difficult, my hands experienced a lot of pain but I continue sending the energy. The heat in my hands grew stronger after another half hour the treatment ended. The next morning a very stressed Tabatha was sitting shaking on the door step. A check up at the vet confirmed there was no broken bones, but the back leg was badly cut, the scar remains today. She was also very traumatised. Her Reiki treatments continued for several weeks. She has never left the safety of her own garden since. She still is a playful and very curious cat and will be the first down under the floor if the floor broads are lifted up for any reason.

Snowball - Reiki and Our PetsSnowball a beautiful black and white cat who had experienced as a kitten a life of abuse. She came to live with us at the age of 3 years old. A very small frightened cat, her bent and once broken tail dragged along the ground. She made no noise and spent the first year hidden away. She did come out to eat and use her litter tray, but no one really saw her. I sent Reiki to her every day and she eventually came out and spent time with the girls. She eyed me and Alex (my husband) with great suspicion. She been with us six years now, she seeks me out and talks non stop, she even asks for a hug, but does not sit on the lap, she still just stands on me and purrs. She was once very grateful for all the food she was given, she put on weight as she did not have to share food with 3 other cats any more. Now she has become quite fussy in her old age.

She does however love my youngest daughter and her boyfriend who she greets like a long lost friend, I wonder if the little treats he brings her helps.

We also inherited a parakeet when we lost Alex's parents. He was very angry, losing his feathers and had a cancerous lump under the right wing. Spit was not a very happy parrot, the vet did believe he missed his owners. He did not like anyone going near the cage and feeding him was quite difficult, however he liked the odd treat of the long stalks of corn. I sat and sent him Reiki everyday for about half an hour, the last visit to the vet was not good, that afternoon was Spit's last Reiki treatment as he peacefully passed away.

There are many other stories from other people who have experienced the power of Reiki to help their much loved Pets.

If you would like a FREE long distance treatment for your Pet, send me a message through the contact form. With the message “Please send Reiki” (the form limits spam messages). I will email you with the details for sending a Reiki Treatment to your Pet.

I do not charge for the treatment, however, you could send a small donation to me if you so wish after the completion of the treatment.

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