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The Story of Mrs Hawayo Takata

Mrs Takata

Hawayo Kawamura was one of two daughters born into a Japanese immigrant family living in Hawaii. She was raised in the muti-cultural way, incorporating both ethics from her Japanese background and the American society she grew up in. In later life she had found work on a plantation, where she met the young book keeper Saichi Takata. They married and had two daughters. With great sadness at the age of thirty four her husband died. Hawayo Takata was left to raise their daughters alone. She worked hard with long hours taking their toll on her body and her health. She too in her thirties found her failing health decreasing, modern medicine had run the course, she was still ailing and heading for a nervous breakdown.

While being treated, her surgeon talked about a clinic in Japan run by Dr Chujiro Hayashi. Soon afterwards her sister sadly died, she needed to travel to Japan to inform her parents. While there she attended Hayashi clinic for treatments. After several months her health improved, she began to feel well again, so impressed with this gentle healing energy she asked if she herself could learn. Her requested was refused.

She soon realised that all the other students had a deep commitment to Reiki, they had incorporated the ethos of Dr Usui life with Reiki. To become accepted into this Japanese healing training she too had to demonstrate her commitment. Her training began soon after speaking with Dr Hayashi, telling him of how she felt, a willingness to remain in Japan to learn Reiki.

Mrs Takata along with her two daughters lived with the Hayashi family, learning Dr Hayashi methods of Reiki, treating patients in and outside the clinic. After she had completed the Shoden and Okuden levels of Reiki, known in the West as Reiki 1 and Reiki 11, she returned to Hawaii where she continued to practice Reiki in her own clinic. Like the founder Dr Usui, her fame grew, Reiki grew and many people came to her clinic for treatments.

In 1937 Dr Hayashi and his daughter came to visit her and worked along side her in her clinic. Chujiro Hayashi also spoke about his worries that the USA and Japan governments are heading for war. He had no wish to rejoin the Japanese Imperial Navy, the ethics did not marry with his Reiki Masters ethos. She talked about her own commitment to Reiki and before her friend returned to Japan he initiated her to a Reiki Master in the Usui System of Natural Healing. Now she could develop her practice of not just treating patients but also training other students into the Usui Healing system.

After the war that Dr Hayashi foreseen, anything Japanese was not welcome in the USA, she began to modify her teaching of Reiki. She simplified the methods, removing all the different Japanese healing methods she learnt.
Reiki was re-discovered by a Japanese Monk, carried forward by a Japanese Doctor, any information written was in Japanese picture language. The methods did not translate literaly into American English, so again Reiki was modified to become Westernised. Mrs Takata taught Reiki orally, there was nothing written down for her students, they had to learn through stories of Dr Usui and Dr Hayashi life with Reiki. She taught the hand positions, making her classes easier to learn the practice of Reiki. Healing.

In 1970 after training hundreds of Reiki practitioners, she began to realise that time had arrived to pass on the Reiki Master training to others who can continue in her footsteps after she had gone, over the next ten years she initiated 22 Reiki students into the Master Level.

The 22 Reiki Masters initiated and trained by Mrs Takata were:

Ursula Baylow, Rick Bockner, Dorothy Baba, Barbara Brown, Patricia Ewing, Fran Brown, Beth Gray, John Gray, Iris Ishikuro,. Harry Kuboi, Barabra McCullough,. Shinobu Saito, Barabra Weber Ray, Paul Mitchell, Mary Mcfadyen, George Araki, Virginia Samdahl, Wanja Twan, Ethel Lombardi, Bethel Phaigh, Kay Yamashita and Phyllis Furmoto.

After Mrs HawayoTakata passed over in 1980 all her 22 Reiki Masters met in honor of her work.
In years previous she had designated the role of Grand Reiki Master to herself following her death she did not name any particular one Master as her successor.

At this meeting the group of Mrs Takata's Reiki Masters reconginsed a need for someone to become Grand Master of their Reiki Lineage. There was much discussions, the group was spilt, Phyllis Furmoto was Mrs Takata Granddaughter, their for she should continue. Barbara Weber Ray also wanted the title of Grand Master, eventually the group split into two schools:

One was the Radiance Technique taught by Barbara Weber Ray and the other was The Reiki Alliance and was founded by Phyllis.

In today's Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki classes we learn about Reiki through Mrs Takata stories of Dr Usui and Dr Hayashi life with Reiki. We can learn a lot about our own practice with Reiki through these stories handed down from Master to Student.

Mrs Hawayo Takata took Reiki out of Japan, she Westernised the teachings. Since her death Reiki has reached nearly very country in the world, healing thousands of people. Mrs HawayoTakata stands remembed for this great gift to humanity.

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