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Reiki Treatments - Distance Treatments

Also known as absent healing, the sender and the recepitant can be in the next room, village or even the other side of the world. Sending this wonder healing energy to another person or animal is instantaneous, there are no time delays regardless of the distance.

Reiki is a universal energy, the power of love and healing, the sender has usually be practising Reiki for some time as the technique is only learnt during the Reiki II class. The secret key is known as the third symbol, used for opening up a link or a bridge between the sender and the precipitant.

I personally use this technique to send Reiki to my own and friends pets, especially Horses, Dogs and Cats has they generally do not like strangers holding them.

Like me many Reiki friends have healing books, where we write down the name along with some personal information regarding a person and each day spend sometime sending Reiki to the people who are on the list.

I usually have a separate pet list as well, especially with a photo of the animal in need of some healing. If you have a pet who you think might benefit from some Reiki, drop me an request email, I shall contact you for further information and a treatment can begin. The length of time depends on the seriousness of the illness or surgery.

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